The Sleep Apnea Pillow

The sleep apnea pillow is an effective, low cost treatment for sleep apnea that uses positional therapy to reduce the occurrence of sleep apnea. With prices starting as low as $40 they are a great sleep apnea treatment and can be combined with other forms of treatment if symptoms persist.

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Identifying sleep apnea can be difficult on your own because the most noticeable symptoms occur when you’re asleep. A bed partner can help you identify your symptoms by monitoring you when you sleep. Alternative methods include using a recording device while you sleep such as a video camera, or seeking a professional testing. To try and help you determine if you could benefit from a sleep apnea pillow we have listed the most common symptoms below.

Major sleep apnea symptoms

  • Loud and chronic snoring
  • Long pauses in breath while sleeping
  • Gasping, snorting or choking sounds
  • Fatigue regardless of how you feel you have slept

These symptoms can often lead to as much disruption in your partners sleep as your own. Sleep apnea is a shared affliction, and treating it should be a priority because without a good night’s sleep the body and mind cannot properly function. Many of the other symptoms associated with sleep apnea relate to a poor nights sleep.

Other sleep apnea symptoms

  • Morning headaches
  • Waking up with a sore throat or dry mouth
  • Feeling moody or irritable

Sleep apnea treatment with a sleep apnea pillow

A sleep apnea pillow assists the patient to avoid lying supine (on your back with your face up), which is one of the main causes of sleep apnea. While this function is basic, finding the right pillow is key and sorting through the options can be daunting. While these come in varied shapes and sizes, the core design is the same and we will highlight the key features to look for.

To highlight the core of their design I will use an example of a common sleep apnea pillow design shown below.

sleep apnea pillow example image

sleep apnea pillow example

Core features to look for

Head and neck support

The head and neck should be well supported by the shape of the pillow. In the example above, the neck is supported by a raised bottom section followed the pillow shaped to suit the shape of your head. In this way you can sleep on your side without the need for your body’s muscles having to work to support properly spinal alignment.

Supports freedom of movement

You will move and turn during the night and the pillow should support this without becoming obstructive. Again with the pillow above as example, the patient can roll in either direction and receive equal levels of support from the pillow.

Material quality, firmness and durability

Memory foam is the most commonly found and highly recommended material. Good quality memory foam is essential so that it remains firm while offering a llittle give to allow the pillow to form around the shape of your head. Allergenic forms can be found if this is an issue for you.


At the end of the day, without a good night’s sleep, much of the rest of life suffers. Sleep apnea is a medical condition and can potentially be serious so we always recommend seeking professional help but that doesn’t stop you from being able to give yourself a head start on a good night’s sleep. Not only do sleep apnea pillows help form part of effective sleep apnea treatment helping to remove many sleep apnea symptoms such as snoring, they also help with spinal alignment and general wellness so will also help those that do not suffer sleep apnea.

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At Sleep Apnea Pillow we have taken a single focus to help you find the most appropriate sleep apnea pillow to suit your personal needs.

We recognise that the symptoms have both a physical and emotional affect, with most effects being felt due to a lack of quality sleep resulting in a constant tired and fatigued feeling. Sleep apnea is often under rated as a key cause of poor sleep performance, and treatments such as a sleep apea pillow are an affordable and effective treatment leading to a happier and healthier life.